Introduction of Cold formed Parts

The parts which we have here are our representative parts. In addition to these, Kyoritsu produces approximately 1,000 other types of parts.

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Hollow Shaft With Spline

Parts for Automatic Transmission.

These are cold formed hollow parts with formed splines.

We have developed a technique which causes almost no strain even after the heat treatment. Due to this, our spline does not require further processing following the heat treatment.

Monthly prod. vol.F 200,000 pcs.

Gear Blank

Parts for Automatic Transmission.

Hollow shaft forming, which is difficult with hot forging, is performed. The parts require only a little further processing.

Monthly prod. vol.F 100,000 pcs.

Locking Base

These are the new type seat belt shafts.

Kyoritsu made cold forming and cold forging of asymmetric parts possible.

Monthly prod. vol.F 500,000 pcs.

Seat Belt Shaft

These are the shafts which wind up seat belts.

To date, a total of 160 million such parts have been manufactured.

Ball Joint

These parts are for automobile suspensions.

Most of the component parts are manufactured by cold forming.

According to customer requirements, we are able to provide a wide range of development services from designing, evaluation of functions, and durability testing.

Stabilizer Link

The production volume is;

Ball Joint: 120,000 pcs./Month

Stabilizer Link: 150,000 pcs./Month

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