Basic Environment Policy

Adopted on April 1, 2009

Recognizing that the need to conserve the Earthfs environment is one of the most pressing common issues facing humankind, KYORITSU SEIKI is committed to taking full advantage of its uniquely integrated production technology, which extends from cold forming to assembly, to pursue the following policies:

  1. Adopt a global perspective, strive continuously to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, and develop zero-waste products.
  2. Actively undertake initiatives conceived to limit global warming and engage in local environmental conservation programs as a responsible corporate citizen.


  1. KYORITSU SEIKI shall work to prevent pollution by evaluating the effect of its corporate activities on the environment, establishing environmental objectives and targets, and continuously reducing its environmental footprint.
  2. KYORITSU SEIKI shall strive to achieve a higher level of environmental conservation by respecting all applicable laws and regulations and establishing voluntary standards.
  3. KYORITSU SEIKI shall strive to develop zero-waste products by pursuing resource conservation and recycling programs that take advantage of its unique technologies.
  4. KYORITSU SEIKI shall actively promote energy saving activity (CO2 reduction) and waste reduction activity in all the areas of our company activities.
  5. KYORITSU SEIKI shall work continuously toward the goals of maintaining and improving its environmental management regime and achieving zero emissions.
  6. KYORITSU SEIKI shall utilize environmental education, workplace communication, and other means to build an environment that encourages employees and their families to recognize the importance of global warming countermeasures and to take voluntary action on their own.

President and CEO, KYORITSU SEIKI Co., Ltd. Japan

Kazuyuki Ishiguro



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